The Purpose and Vision of Rethink My Brain

Why start a website about mental health? Because people need a safe place and a provider to talk to! We need to bring awareness that normal, real people have depression and anxiety.

Why am I doing this?
One thing I have noticed throughout my career is that there is a lack of mental health care in the United States, especially in the rural areas where I live! Because I have the interest and the knowledge base, I decided to finish out my nursing degree and become a nurse practitioner. I am especially interested in postpartum depression, depression, and anxiety. I live in Utah and there is a high rate of depression. I want to figure out why this is and what we can do about it!

Who am I?
My name is Natalie! I have two teen/preteen children, I have worked in mental health nursing for four years, and guess what? I live with my parents. After I got divorced, I had only a small income, two small kids, and no place to go. I immediately went back to school (at age 29!) and basically haven’t stopped yet. Because of my education expenses and lack of good, steady income for many years, it has made it impossible to have a place of my own to live.

A bad marriage? I get it.
Anxiety? I get it.
A divorce? I get it.
Single mom? I get it.
Aging parents? I get it.
Depression? Bad situations? Education? I get it all. I have lived many different lives in my lifetime and I GET IT!

The Purpose
I didn’t have a lot of help. I didn’t have someone who really got the stress of it all. I want to be that person for you!

The Vision
I also want to bring light to the lack of availability of mental health care. We are learning how important it is and how much it is tied to medical health care and overall well being.

In the future, I will be covering many topics that may be of interest to many people. I will be discussing anxiety, depression, treatments, alternative/complementary therapies, diet, exercise, relationships, children, children with anxiety/depression, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, support groups, suicide, panic disorders, social anxiety and much more!

Thanks for coming on this journey with me!

About the author natalieorgan

I am passionate about bringing quality mental health care to people in rural communities. I have worked in mental health nursing for four years and am working on becoming a Nurse Practitioner so I can prescribe and help more people. I understand depression and anxiety on a personal level and suffer from both myself. This website is a way to help me and others on their journey through this life! I have two children that I adore and want to spend time with them every chance I get. I am a "soaper" and love to make soap! Everyone needs a hobby and this one is mine!

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